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The Provider Services Unit

The Division of Child Welfare- Provider Services Unit (PSU), provides regulatory oversight by enforcing Volume 7 regulations and related statutes. PSU additionally provides support, technical assistance, and training to 24-hour licensed child care agencies, facilities, and day treatment centers to ensure the safety and well-being of children in out-of-home placement and receiving specialized educational services.

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CDHS Memo Series

The Colorado Department of Human Services Memo Series is designed to streamline and clarify CDHS policies and expectations of county partners and contracted entities. There are two types of memos, which communicate the time sensitivity and importance of the policy and/or expectation: operation and information.

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Colorado Child Care Regulations

Find the statues related to Foster Care, Residential, Day Treatment, and Child Placement Agency Licensing

Title 26. Human Services Code (Arts. 1 — 24) Article 6. Child Care Centers (Pts. 1 — 9) Part 9 Foster Care, Residential, Day Treatment, and Child Placement Agency Licensing (§§ 26-6-901 — 26-6-922)

About our Agencies and Facilities

The Provider Services Unit (PSU), licenses and provides oversight to a number of agencies and facilities. Learn more about the different license types and facilities.