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Specialized Group Facilities (SGF)

The “Specialized Group Facility” (SGF) is sponsored and supervised by a county department of social/human services henceforth to be known as the county) or a licensed child placement agency (henceforth to be known as the agency) for the purpose of providing 24 hour care for three (3) or more children, but fewer than 12 children from seven years old to less than 18 years and less than 21 years old who are placed by court order prior to their eighteenth birthday, or voluntary, whose special needs may best be met through the medium of the small group. A child who is admitted to a specialized group facility must be:

  • At least seven years of age or older but less than eighteen years of age;
  • Less than twenty-one years of age and placed by court order or voluntary placement; or
  • Accompanied by a parent or legal guardian if less than seven years of age.

A “Specialized group facility” includes group homes and group centers, which are defined as:

Group Homes are located in a house owned or otherwise controlled by the group home parents who are primarily responsible for the care of the children and reside therein.

Group Centers are located in a house owned or controlled by a governing body that hires the group center parents or personnel who are primarily responsible for the care of the children.

Carve out populations for Family First Prevention Services Act,  thats allows for IV-E reimbursement, includes youth who are pregnant and/or parenting, youth who are victims of sex trafficking, and young adults 18-21 years old in an independent living program. These populations may be placed within a Specialized Group Facility or a Residential Child Care Facility.

What type of license is issued to a Specialized Group Facility from CDHS?

A Specialized Group Facility is issued a license that is ”Permanent”. Each year the facility will receive a continuation notice which is submitted to the Department with the associated fee. During the year the facility will have a full review of the rules and regulations, by the Department, verifying they are in full compliance. The review may be completed at any time within the licensing year.