Group of children at a picnic table

Secure Residential Treatment Center (SRTC)

“Secure Residential Treatment Center” means a facility operated under private ownership that is licensed by the Department to provide twenty-four-hour group care and treatment in a secure setting for five or more children or persons up to the age of twenty-one years over whom the juvenile court retains jurisdiction pursuant to 19-2.5-103 (6), C.R.S., who are committed by a court, pursuant to an adjudication of delinquency or pursuant to a determination of guilt of a delinquent act or having been convicted as an adult and sentenced for an act that would be a crime if committed in Colorado, or in the committing jurisdiction, to be placed in a secure facility.

What type of license is issued to a Secure Residential Treatment Center from CDHS?

A Secure Residential Treatment Center is issued a license that is”Permanent”. Each year the facility will receive a continuation notice which is submitted to the Department with the associated fee. During the year the facility will have a full review of the rules and regulations, by the Department, verifying they are in full compliance. The review may be completed at any time within the licensing year.